Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Smileestore.com is a platform where most products can be all exclusively local and international brands. Smileestore.com offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity. This is wonderful place to promote and sell your products. Simple, fast and efficient promotional plans and expert teams ensure the best use of promotional budget and increase sales. There are more brands, more quality, more confidence and a better experience where smileestore.com focuses on. Sites and smileestore.com by using the service, you agree to these terms and review them below:

Terms and Conditions For users

• Provide actual information when creating your user ID.

• You are solely responsible for activities that occurred during your sign-in using smileestore.com using your User ID and your User ID.

• You do not use smileestore.com to collect personal identifiable information including your account name, email address, or other information for commercial purpose.

• When you register, you will receive unique login credentials (a “User ID”). Access to SmileStore.com and the Services is not permitted by any other person or entity using your User ID and you are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. If you are aware that your user ID is being used without authorization please inform us immediately.There are certain terms related to dealing with each deal, which will be presented to you when you purchase a specific contract.

• Cash value for any voucher.

• Cash will not be refunded for partial release of any voucher money other than required by law. No cash back or credit will be issued for partial release of a voucher promotional part. Otherwise, vouchers cannot meet any coupons or promotions until they are mentioned in the voucher.

• Not responsible for smileyestore.com or merchants missing or stolen vouchers or voucher reference numbers.

• Duplicate use of a voucher, sale or trade prohibited.

• Keep your voucher safe from duping or duplicate. In case of damage or duplication, the service will be provided to the first person submitting the coupon.

• We have the right to submit any materials and to comply with these terms of service, we will have to remove any and / or all your submissions and to determine whether your account can expire without prior notice or without account. For merchants To be clear, market smileestore.com deals and sells vouchers for traders Works as an agent. But the Merchant Voucher issuer As a voucher provider, any and all strikes, illnesses, losses, claims, liabilities and liabilities, and solely, or solely to the material suffered by or by any customer, shall be solely wholly owned by the partner or its products and services, as well as derived from the unauthorized or partially broken voucher For any claimed property liability. By purchasing an agreement, a customer printing a voucher and its contract given by the participating trader To achieve the right to use the voucher in accordance with the terms. Whether you choose voucher print and / or broken, in your sole control and at your own discretion. .

Merchants/Multi-Vendor Store Owner

After the merchant account is created, upload your product, of course, upload the product carefully, Do not upload a pornographic product, so that the quality of the product is good, the value of the product is within the customer’s purchasing authority, then evaluate the value of the product with other markets. From all types of merchants sold, we are taking 20% commission, who will do more product sales, they have gift items and those who want to start a business with new or underproduction, will have training system, 15% commission will take Smile E Store.

Our Rules

1) All products of the photo background should be white.

2) No logo or monogram, brand name, catalog can be used in product photo.

3) Put pictures of all products in PNG with 2 MB.

4)First upload your product in the Private option and verify that everything is okay, then publish your product.

5) Solve the return product through negotiation with the customer within three working days, if not resolved within three days, then tell our customer care.

6)Merchant’s responsibility

  • Reach the warder product to customers at the time.
  • Product packaging and shipping / courier.
  • Accepted from the VAT / Tax Customer of the merchandise product, the VAT / Taxes received from the customer, will be deposited in the bank according to the official rules, on the official vat and tax scen copy 8 working days sent to the official email address of Smile e Store .