Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: What is

Answer: is the leading business in customer e-commerce. It is an online retailer that enables you to buy various items / products anywhere and anywhere in the world.

2) Q: Why is my card payment failing?

Ans: The card payment failed due to the following reasons:
You have written your ATM PIN (Asked for the PIN from your bank, not all bank i-pin is required)
Your card is not activated online
Your bank does not support online transactions.Factor Authentication may be a reason to ask your bank

3) Q: before buying a offer / product, do I need to sign up?

Ans: Yes. You need to register on our site to buy an offer. To register, you will need to share some basic information such as name, contact number, address, etc.

4) Q: How do I create a account?

Ans: To create a account,
Click the Registration tab.
Depending on your convenience, fill in the required fields by specifying your full name, email address, phone number and password.
Finally click on the “Submit” button and become a registered member

5) Q: What kind of products do you sell online?

Ans: offers a range of products starting from women’s clothing,Men’s clothes, children’s clothes, T-shirts, winter clothes, bed sheets, nakshi three pies, nakshi toy daring silty garden tea leaves, t-shirts, cameras, mobile, laptop electronics, books, shoes, apparel and kitchen appliances, food items , Travel packages, jewelry, accessories and more.

6) Q: Am I paying the bill as soon as I join

Ans: No. You can get the bill only when you order online to buy any item from our site.

7) Q: Is my information safe?

Ans: Yes. We strictly maintain our customer privacy policy and do not share personal information in any situation with any third parties.

8) Q: Why do I subscribe to newsletter?

Ans: comes with exclusive bonus and offers exclusively for members of Through our newsletter subscriptions, you will receive regular updates on our latest offers and packages on a range of packages.

9) Q: How do I login using account?

Visit to sign in
Click the sign-in button.

Click the Registration tab.Go to Account Options you will be presented with two options,

Example :If you Customer click to Customer Option.

Example:If You Wholesalers or Vendor Click This Option,

Provide your email address and password
Finally, click on LOGIN and sign in to your account.
You can login using your Facebook account and Other Social Media. 

10) Q: How do I log in using Facebook?

Ans: To sign in using Facebook Login to your Facebook account first.
Visit and sign in using the Facebook button.
Allow access to your Facebook data
(In the same way you can login from Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Vk,) You will automatically be redirected to the site

11) Q: How can I change email address on my account?

Ans: To change the email address on your account,
Sign in using your email address and password.
After you log in, you will see “edit” under account information on your dashboard.
Click edit and fill out the fields with your new email address.

12) Q: Do I Forget My Password / Login ID?

Ans: If you forgot your password,
Click the sign in button.
You will be redirected to a page where there will be an option called “My password is lost”. Click the button that is indicated in a new page.
You must fill in a field to register your email address at
After providing your email address, Click now Send me password again
Check your email inbox for a new password notification

13) Q: I am a wholesaler / retailer - can I buy a lot from you?

Ans: Yes. As a wholesaler you can buy bulk quantity from us. In that case, mail us your order at Some of our customer care organizations will be able to contact you personally for assistance in the process.

14) Q: I want to buy at, how do I?

First you have to register here:
Then go to the page that shows your favorite products / s.
Click on your favorite product. You will now see a new page containing all product details. Fill in the amount of field and size (if applicable)
Click “Add Cart” now. If you want to continue shopping, click “Continue shopping” or you want to check “see cart and checkout”.
Payment options are available at the time of checkout, from which you can choose one for your convenience (development, DBBL, Master / Visa PayPal). You must provide your shipping address (location where you want to get delivery).
Finally “Place order” and click checkout.

15) Q: What is the payment option at

Ans: In order to purchase online, you can pay your debit card, credit card, payroll, bKash, DBBL, or even when you receive delivery. You can visit our show room to take your order and pay your time.

16) Q: Are you using credit / debit cards safely at

Ans: Yes. We are a government approved site and among the leading e-commerce web portals in this country. We maintain strict customer privacy policy. We ensure 100% protection using your credit and debit card. We exchange payment from online banking system to a customer’s payment request. If you charge your card on any card payment machine it is safe.

17) Q: How do I get my money for the products I have returned or canceled?

Ans: You will be refunded but will be returned only for those products (check the conditions at the time of purchase). If you want to refund, please inform our customer care at within 6 days of delivery.

18) Q: Smile e delivers the product outside the world?

Ans: Yeah, Smile e is delivering products through this fruitful process throughout the world’s wide.

19) Q: Can I suggest a proposal that is interested?

Ans: Yes. You can match your suggestions at

20) Q: Can I buy products / offers as a gift for someone else?

Ans: Yes you can buy a product / offer of any gift. Provide an online order, transaction and address to all you need to do, where you want to provide gifts, our distribution team will provide your order with the address given to you.

21) Q: I have read the product description but there are still some questions. Who can I contact?

Ans: You can answer your questions at or contact our customer care department at +88 01997864378 (6 days a week (09:00 AM – 22:00 PM)

22) Q: I do not have any credit / debit card. Can I still buy from

Ans: Yes. You can use bKash / DBBL Mobile Banking for your payment or pay for your debit or credit card and PayPal, Payoneer,Neteller and etc.

23) Q: My card has been rejected. How do I solve this?

Ans: Please contact your bank and check to check your card online transactions or check the availability of funds in your account. If you still have problems, please contact our customer care at +88 01997864378 for help.

24) Q: Will I use 50 USD coupons after purchasing over US $ 500?

Ans: You can use the coupon code during checkout but these coupons will only work if these conditions are met:
If only your purchase price is equal or more than BD Taka 5000 only,Other Country $ 50.
These coupons are not applicable in electronic and gadget categories.
This coupon does not apply to Global.
Some brands will not be able to support these coupons immediately shown when applying this coupon.

25) Q: How to Create Customer / Wholesalers Or Multi-Vendor Store Account?

Ans: Visit here account,Click the Registration tab.Go to Account Options you will be presented with two options,

Example :If you Customer click to Customer Option.

Example:If You Wholesalers or Vendor Click This Option,

Depending on your convenience, fill in the required fields by specifying your multi-vendor store name ,full name,  email address, phone number and password.
Finally click on the “Submit” button and become a registered multi-vendor / your  Parsonal store.

26) Q: How to withdrawal money for Merchants/Multi-Vendor Store Owner
  • Ans: When you have Bd 5000 Taka and Other Country $200, worth of sales, you can apply for money withdrawal.
  • if you want to withdraw example $ 100 or 50  USD Only other country, Please contact us our customer service  .

Smile E-Store is sincerely in the service of customers,

Dear Customers, Before buying this product, check out this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Here you can take help of many questions and answers (FAQ), even if you do not find the solution to the problem, then contact our customer service center.